Criteria for selecting quality rice seed packaging

Rice seeds or plant seeds in general are very fragile and quite sensitive to external factors such as weather, humidity, light, temperature, ... be cherished and protected by people until sowing to the ground.

Because of deciding the yield and quality of the crop in the future, the seed rice always needs to be protected as much as possible. And packaging is a very important factor contributing from preservation to transport to the hands of the people. They keep the seeds safe from exposure to environmental factors.

Criteria needed to ensure quality seed packaging:

  • Seed packaging must be highly resistant to moisture: Moisture is the vital factor for the seed. Exposure to high humidity can cause this irritation, damaging the seed.
  • Seed packaging must be insulated from the outside environment.
  • Seed packaging must be durable, strong, resistant to impact well during packaging and transportation.
  • The packaging material does not react with the seeds, so there is a thick PE bag to enhance the seed's moisture resistance.
  • Seed packaging needs to be beautiful, attractive, attractive, and show the seed quality directly, honestly and impress customers.

Where is the business that provides quality rice seed packaging today?

It can be said that, besides the function of storing and preserving products, rice seed packaging is an effective communication channel between businesses and consumers. Through the information designed and printed on the package, farmers can understand more about how to preserve it, the information of the place of production, the name of the brand,….

giúp bảo vệ sản phẩm an toàn
Packaging is an indispensable product to protect rice seeds safely

Therefore, if you own quality packaging samples, vivid, impressive and aesthetically pleasing designs, it will be easy to attract and create trust from customers. To meet all the above standards, Ngu Long Production and Trading Co., Ltd. would like to introduce to businesses the line of high-end BOPP plastic packaging with the following elements:

  • The packaging structure is thick and sturdy, made up of 3 layers: moisture-resistant OPP / PP / PE film, creating a complete packaging solution, good seed packaging, ensuring no breakage / break in seed packaging and transportation.
  • Printing quality is sharp with eye-catching colors, high-quality images, vivid, high aesthetic, impressive.