Những tác hại sẽ gặp phải khi sử dụng bao bì pp giá rẻ

You think buying a cheap woven pp woven bag will help your business save a fair amount of money and the profit will be higher. However, perhaps you are wrong. Below are the harm that your business will encounter when using products from cheap pp bags.

Damaged and lost products

To sell cheap pp bags, manufacturers naturally have to use poor quality input materials. Therefore, the quality of woven pp bags will not be guaranteed. It does not possess the necessary properties such as impact resistance, resistance to pull, push, waterproofness, moisture resistance ...

As a result of this, the products contained within are not well preserved. When exposed to the effects of the external environment, they are not protective so the quality of the goods is seriously reduced when it reaches the user. Not only that, during transportation, the bag is easy to break, tear, causing loss of a large part of the product.


Bao bì giá rẻ khó lòng bảo vệ tốt được sản phẩm bên trong
Cheap packaging is difficult to protect well the product inside

Brand image is not clear

In addition to the material is not guaranteed, the images printed on the cheap pp packaging are also not of good quality. Because of the low cost, manufacturing companies will use outdated printing techniques, rather than modern printing technologies such as gravure printing or flexo. This causes the "jacket" of the product to have a faint image, color blur, and unclear information. Your product may not convey your brand message and attract customers. On the contrary, it also loses points in the eyes of buyers, ceding opportunities to competitors.  

Chất lượng in ấn thấp, không truyền tải được thông điệp thương hiệu
Printing quality is low, does not convey the brand message

Expensive cost, time

Businesses already think that buying cheap packaging will save money. But the truth is quite the opposite. As mentioned above, bags with cheap price, poor quality, easy to break, tear will damage, loss of goods. Businesses will have to produce more products to compensate for the loss. In addition, cheap pp bags that do not guarantee the aesthetics will not attract customers, meaning that there is no sale, no revenue.

When all this happens, you will have to buy new pp woven packaging, which costs an extra amount of money, while also spending more time waiting, packing and shipping.  

So businesses should choose a place to sell cheap pp bags to avoid "money loss carrying disability"?

In order not to accept the above risks, businesses wishing to buy pp woven plastic bags should pay more attention to quality and aesthetics instead of just paying attention to cheap prices.

Quality raw materials

Quality pp woven packaging must be made from virgin polyethylene (T3034, 1102K) plastic particles imported in advanced countries such as Saudi Arabia, Thailand or from leading domestic factories such as Dung Quat oil refinery. . They must possess the following properties:

  • High mechanical strength, firm and difficult to stretch, not as flexible as PE, good impact resistance.
  • Not torn during transportation
  • The high surface gloss should increase the ability to print beautiful, sharp
  • Colorless, odorless, non-toxic
  • Waterproof to water vapor, grease and other gases
  • Withstands temperatures higher than 100 degrees Celsius


Nguyên liệu sản xuất tốt thì chất lượng bao pp dệt mới cao
For good production materials, the quality of new woven pp bags is high

Beautiful design, clear printing

The main package is a static marketing tool that conveys brief and complete necessary information to customers. Therefore, packaging design plays a very important role in the chain of branding plans for businesses. So they need to be invested time and careful care, especially in terms of images, colors are not in contact with each other.

There are a few criteria to evaluate beautiful pp packaging such as:

  • Show full company information brand name, logo, product name
  • Present all other parameters and ingredients about the product
  • Harmonious layout, good looking images
  • Use fonts that are easy on the eyes, easy to read
  • The bag size must be suitable with the needs of use, not too big nor too small
  • Print quality is good, does not lose focus, fades to affect the professionalism of the product
  • Avoid packaging designs that overlap with other brands in the market