The role of packaging in business practice is the "touch point".

The role of packaging in corporate business practices is of utmost importance. They are the tools that contribute most often to the success of the marketing strategy. Nowadays, packaged solutions not only contain and protect but also serve as a source of useful information and knowledge to entice users.

Businesses easily convey messages, images, ... by printing eye-catching, attracting attention. Thereby contributing a large part in the strategy of branding, marketing and sales support.

Bao bì chính là yếu tố “chốt sale” thần kỳ - vai trò của bao bì trong thực tiễn kinh doanh
Packaging is the magic "closing sale" factor

According to research by MWV - global packaging company MeadWestvaco Corporation, up to 64% of consumers decide to buy at the point of sale without any prior research. This can prove that product appearance is one of the key factors determining success in marketing campaigns. If you have a unique design, impressive image, eye-catching colors, your business will definitely stand out from many competitors in the market.