What is BOPP film?

Oriented Polypropylene (BOPP) film is a film made from oriented PP plastic particles, which is easier to stretch, and is more transparent than the PE plastic film. The product has a high tensile strength that creates a thinner film, prevents moisture and retains a good scent. Two types of BOPP films are commonly classified: opaque OPP and glossy OPP.

Glossy, matte BOPP film

The BOPP membrane type is used for:

  • Packaging of herbs, medicine cover for medicines or medical supplies bag
  • Manufacturing for all kinds of garment items, stationery items
  • Adhesive tape for clear, opaque, colored boxes
  • Product bags, CDs, ...
  • Flower wrapping paper, gift wrapping paper
  • Inner bags of rice bags, fertilizer bags, animal feed bags, poultry food bags, ...